Before Micro Prosessor appaired to this world, we should make computer from the components.

4-Bit ALU; SN74181

This is not computer but ALU itself. Memory and Program counter needed to use as computer.

My first computer was built in 1976 by using NEC uPD8080AF (Intel 8080 compatible with subtruction flug).

It's clock speed was only 800KHz and the memory seize was only 256Bype. Compaired to the today's
MPU, we can realized the progress of manufacturing integreted circuits.

But I hate Intels odd looking instruction sets up to date of the Pentium. I love elegant MC6800 series MPU.

This system was used MC6802 with 1MHz of clock speed and 16KB RAM, which could run
Robert Uiterwyk's Micro BASIC (4KB). I could play the game "STAR TREK" on this machine.

CPU is Motorola's MC6802.

This memory chip uPD416 costs 10,000 yen each at 1976. Eye openedly expensive but
It costed about the half price from a month earlyer.

Basic Master Level-3

Hitach introduced the first personal computer followed Apple II

It also used MC6809 2MHz clock with Apple II like enclosure.

Fujitsu FM-7

This FM-7 was quite popular 8bit personal computer at that time 1979. But the 5-inch FD drive costed
about 300,000yen.

Fujitsu FM-77AV

About one quater centiry passed, but, It still works fine.

FM-7 series was one of the sucseeded 8-bit personal computer. It can handle both Video & Audio.
Fujitsu moved to Intel 8086 series CPU and not used Motorola's MC68000 sereis, so I quited to buy them,
and moved to the Macintosh world.