Apple Macintosh

Dawn of Personal Computing, before Macintosh has been introduced.

My Macintosh life started with my purchase of Mac Plus.
I then expanded to several other Macs.

Mr. Steve Jobs delivered an address at MacWorld Tokyo, 2002.

MacPlus M68000 16MHz + 4MB RAM + FD + SuperMac DataFrame XP-20

MacSE/30 M68030 50MHz + 20MB RAM + 80MB HD +RasterOps 32bit Color Board

Mac IIsi M68030 50MHz + 20MB RAM + 270MB HD + Radius Color Pivot monitor

Color Classic II M68030 33MHz + 8MB RAM + 160MB HD + built-in Trinitron CRT

Quadra 700 M68040/PPC-601 40/80MHz + 32MB RAM + 720 MB HD + 17'Trinitron

LC-630 M68040/PPC-601 40/80MHz + 20MB RAM + 520MB HD + 13'Trinitron

Quadra 840AV/PowerMac8100/80 PPC-601 80MHz+32MB RAM+720 MB HD

PowerMac 8100/100/AV PPC-601 108MHz + 36MB RAM + 1GB HD

PowerBook 150 M68030 33MHz + 16MB RAM + 150 MB HD + B/W screen

PowerMac 8500/180 G4 400MHz+168MB RAM+ 9+4GB UltraSCSI HD+19'Trinitron

SuperMac C-500 PPC-603 240MHz + 96MB RAM + 2GB HD + 17'Trinitron

PowerBook 2400* G3 240MHz + 116MB RAM + 1.5GB HD + 32,000 LCD

PowerMac G3/DT/300 G3 300MHz + 266 MB RAM + 9GB UltraSCSI HD

iMac (rev. B Bondi blue) G3 500MHz + 192MB RAM + 20GB HD + UltraWideSCSI I/F

PowerMac G4 G4 400MHz + 576MB RAM + 20GB HD + 19'Trinitron

PowerMac G4 Cube G4 450MHz + 1024MB RAM + 20GB HD + 19' Trinitron

PowerBook 170 Benetton model M68030 25MHz + 4MB RAM + TFT B/W LCD

iBook (dual USB late 2001) DVD G3 600MHz + 640MB RAM +15GBHD, OS-X running.

PowerMac G4/1GHz Dual + 22'studio display G4 1000MHz dual CPU + 1250MB-DDR memory + 80GB HD, OS-X 10.2.8.

iPod 10GB This is actually not a Macintosh but it's a very useful device. I've never seen anything like it.
iPod is a MP-3 HD player capable of storing more than two thousand songs.
The iPod can be used as an external bootable hard disk drive as well.
I filled mine with about 1,200 songs as well as System software for booting Macs and I still have 4 gigabytes of space remaining on it.

iMac 17inch LCD G4 1000MHz + 768MB RAM + 80GBHD, OS-X 10.2.8 Jaguar.

PowerBook 180C M68030+68882 33MHz + 14MB RAM + 320MB HD, OS 7.6.1.

iBook (shell) tangerine G3300MHz + 320MB RAM +6GB HD, OS-9.2.2

NeXT Cube M68040 25MHz + 16MB RAM + 480MB HD, NeXT STEP 3.0J

Apple IIe MosTech 6502 2MHz + 16KB RAM

NeXT Station M68040 25MHz + 32MB RAM + 480 MB HD, NeXT STEP 3.3J

PowerBook G4/1.5GHz 15in PPC7447 1500MHz + 1GM RAM + 80GB 2.5in HD, OS-X.

PowerMac G5 (Powerd by IBM-PPC970fx) 2500MHz Dual + 2.5GB RAM + 160GB HD, OS-X.

Mac Mini PPC 7447 1.47GHz + 500MB RAM + 80GB 2.5in internal HD + 250GB external HD

iPod nano 4GB, iPod photo 20GB*

MacBook* black Intel Core Duo 2GHz + 1GB RAM + 100GB HD, OS-X + Windows XP

MacBook Pro 15in Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33GHz + 2GB RAM + 120 GB HD, OS-X + Windows XP

iPhone 3G 16GB

iPhone 4G* 32GB

iMac 24in* Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz + 4GB RAM + 640GB HD

iMac 27in* Core i7 2.8GHz (3.44GHz automatically) + 8GB RAM + 1TB HD running Snow-Leopard.

Apple TV

iPod nano 3G, 8GB for digital recording.

MacBook Air 11in* Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4GHz + 2GB RAM + 64GB SSD

MacBook Pro 15in* Intel Core i7 Sandy-Bridge 2.33GHz + 8GB RAM + 512GB SSD, Non-glare screen.

* indicate current operating systems.

HEARTS of PowerMacintosh series

Powered by Motorola and IBM

PowerPC-601 for the actual size, click to enlarge the die.

PowrPC-604 actual size.

PowerPC-7400 (G4) actual size.

PowerPC-7455(G4) dual actual size.

PowerPC-970(G5) click to see the die.

Extra !

AMD Athlon 1400MHz for my handmade PC.

Apple swiched there CPU from IBM to Intel.

Core technology makes Mac faster and cheaper, also competitive from conventional PCs.

Intel Core 2 Duo

Intel Pentium

Intel Pentium SX969 (left) which produced in 1993 runs only 75MHz,
Pentium4-661 (right; CedarMill) produced in 2005 runs 3,600MHz,
which means it runs 480 times faster than the old one.


Macintosh Plus
I bought this MacPlus in 1986 at ComputerLand N.Y. for $2,200
(It cost 640,000Yen in Japan, this is an equivalent of about US $5,800).
The Macintosh Plus was powered by BRAINSTORM's M68000 16MHz.
The SuperMac's DataFrame XP-20 with only 20MB (not GB) external HD costs a whopping $2,000!

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Macintosh SE/30

Macintosh SE/30
Originally M68030 16MHz was accelerated to M68030 50MHz!
It still works with the RasterOps-264 full color board.
The G4 clock speed grew up to 400MHz in 1999 and
the G5 clock speed grew up to 2000MHz in 2003
compared to the SE/30 which clock at 16MHz in 1986.
The NeXT keyboard is able to work with ADB port for Macintosh.

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Mac IIsi

Mac IIsi and Radius color pivot display at my previous office.

SuperMac C-500

Macintosh LC-630

Top; Mac IIsi
The original Motorola processor M68030/20MHz, was accelerated by
the M68030 at 50MHz. A M68882 mathematic co-processor was added.
The system was equipped with the Radius Color Pivot display at the costs of $6,000!
(display board included).

Middle; SuperMac C-500
PowerPC 603e 240MHz, 108MB RAM, internal 1G, ext.2G HD

Bottom; Macintosh LC-630
Original M68040 33MHz, accelerated by PPC-601 80MHz

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PowerMac G3/DT/300

PowrMac G3/DT/300
Originally it was a G3 DT/233. I replaced the CPU with a G3 300MHz one !
The system is equipped with FireWire and an UltraWideSCSI card too.

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PowerBook 2400

Originally the PPC-603e/180MHz I was accelerated by NewerTech's G3/240MHz.
The key-tops were changed to trans-lucent materials.

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iMac (rev. B, Bondi Blue)
The original G3/233MHz was accelerated by iForce G3/500MHz
This machine was used for Tama's e-mail.

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Athlon 1400MHz & Quadra 700

Right: Quadra 700
was originally a M-68040/33MHz system. It was upgraded to a PPC-601 80MHz.

Left: Home made AMD Athlon 1400MHz
is used as a DVD player and flight simulator.

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PowerMac G4

PowerMacintosh G4-400
was originally a G4(AGP) 350MHz machine with a clock speed of up to 450MHz failed.
It was my main machine, running with OS-9.2.2 and transition to OS-X.
This machine was used at my office for two years.
I was replaced by the G4 dual 1GHz. It too, replaced the G3/DT.

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PowerBook 170 Benetton model

PowerBook 170 Benetton model
Only 500 units of the PowerBook 170 Benetton model were made in 1982.
I saved this rare item from the trash of my office in June 2001.
The TFT Black & White LCD itself costs $3,000. It still works fine up to this date!

It comes with a white cover, a red battery pack, green stands, yellow hinge
and a blue body. It cost $6,600 in 1982. The price tag was $3,000 at a flea market in 2001.
I occasionally use it as a word processor with MacWrite. I play Tetris on it as well.

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PowerMac G4 Cube

The G4 Cube is quiet!
I replaced the video card with a GeForce3, and I plan to upgrade the
CPU to the dual 1400MHz sometime next year.
It is smaller than the SE/30. On February 5, 2001, the internal HD of
PowerMac 8500 crushed. I had to replace it with a home use G4 mini-tower.
I then replaced the G4 with the G4 Cube.
The Cube is operated with OS-X, the new UNIX based Mac OS.

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iBook (dual USB, late 2001)

Using Jyuuninn Toiro, I changed the Apple logo on the iBook to red .
The left crystal is Rene Lalique's work.

Link to Rene Lalique museum.

iBook; PowerPC G3 600MHz + 640MB RAM + 15GBHD is ready to
run OS-X! OS-X works well on this machine. It is especially good for
the making presentation with video projectors.

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PowerMac G4/1GHz dual CPU + 22in Studio Display

I bought and replaced the G4/400 with the New G4/1Ghz dual CPU at Sep. 17, 2002.
This G4 mirrored drive door runs about five times faster than the old G4 system!
It's runs quite fast under the OS-X 10.3 code name PANTHER.

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iPod 10GB

iPod is a MP-3 player using 2.5in hard disk, which co-operate with iTunes
and can be used as an external bootable hard disk.

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iMac 17inch LCD

Bondi Blue iMac (rev. B) has broken at March 18,2003. so,
I had to buy a New 17inch LCD iMac on March 20,2003.
This iMac runs 1GHz of G4 and 80GBHD. It runs twice as fast as the Cube!

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Color Classis II

M68030 33MHz (without FPU) + internal Trinitron color CRT.
This model was given from the co-professor which was built ten years ago.

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PowerBook 180C

PowerBook 180C; Powered by Moto's M68030 33MHz with 68882
math co-processor. This LCD is 640X480 color TFT. It therefore
very expensive at a price tag of $4,000!
This PB180C was donated by Mr. Noake, but unfortunately the internal
HD (Quantum GoDrive GRS-160S) crushed. It is very difficult to obtain
a 2.5-inch SCSI HD today. I therefore had to purchase one from an auction. I replaced by
IBM's 320MB HD. I can now play Shanghai II on this machine.

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iBook (shell) Tangerine

On Feb. 05, 2004; I obtained this cute shell type iBook colored with
tangerine from the Yahoo auction by 46,000yen. This iBook must be the
second hand but seems brand new! It shines without any scratch and
the battery shows over four hours of life! I updated the latest OS-9.22.

iBook (shell) Blue

I resqued this iBook from the trash.

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NeXT Cube goto NeXT page

I obtained this NeXT Cube from the auction.
I wanted to buy this system at the shipment, but it was too expensive.

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NeXT Station goto NeXT page

I got this pizza-box NeXT Station next to the Cube.

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PowerBook G4 1.5GHz 15in LCD

I bought this bland new PowerBook at May 03, 2004.
It runs fast and the quality of the LCD is marvelous!

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PowerMac G5 dual 2.5GHz

This is the flug ship of Apple at the summer 2004. I bought this machine at the end of September 2004.

Beautiful looking under the food, it is same as BMW design.

The dual 2.5GHz model equipped with the liquid cooling system as same as auto engines.

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Mac Mini

It's quite small compaired to the G4 Cube, but the CPU power is three times faster!

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iPod 10GB, iPod nano 4GB and iPod Photo 20GB

Compair these models!

"nano" is impossibly small!

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MacBook Black

MacBook Black looks so COOL!
But, It has the SECRET too!

While boot up, Pressing option button show up this.

Then you will see such evil icon on MAC!

MacBook works as a Windows machine perfectly!!!

So, I can play the games for Windows too. Uhhmmmm, PERFECT machine!

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MacBook Pro

I've sold PowerBook G4 15in 108,000yen at Nov. 2006.
I replaced PowerBook G4 by MacBook Pro 15in, 2.33GHz model.
It runs very fast not only on OS-X but also Windows XP.
This machine uses Radeon XT1600 graphic proseccor, so It works fine even on playing Flight Simulator.
Only two and a half years passed, the performance increased by 5 times compaired to the PowerBook G4.

iMac 24 inch Intel Core 2 Duo. (March 2009 model)

iMac 24in running 2.66GHz with 4GB RAM and 640GB HD cost only 158,000Yen.

Cool design! Wow, How smart it works! Thin keyboard also works nice indeed!

This iMac is now main machine for Tama.

iMac 27 inch with Intel Core i7.

I replaced PowerMac G5 by this iMac 27 inch in Nov. 2009.

It runs faster than the G5 and much cheaper. Its costs 240,000yen with i7 CPU+8GB RAM.

The keyboard at front is Fujitsu FMV KB-232, the NICOLA Oyayubi-shift keyboard.
This keyboard is the excellent input device in JAPANESE with less strokes.
Trinity Works produces the keyboard driver for the Mac OS-X. So, I can use it on my Mac.

It can also run Windows Vista without any problem.

I will not use Windows 6.1 (seven) because Microsoft killed their Flight Simulator.

Apple TV

The set-box for Hi-vision TV.

MacBook Air 11in

MacBook Air 11 v.s. MacBook

On the first day that the MacBook Air 11 was selling at the shop, I bought it.
The specs are low, but it works very fast impressively.

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MacBook Pro 15 intel quad core sandy-bridge + SSD makes very fast computing.

512MB of SSD costs 100,000yen extra, but it makes MacBook lightning fast.

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